Sunday, January 18, 2009

A New Shooter

I was in Las Vegas a few weeks ago and one of the things I like to do is cruise by the table games. Craps is one of the most fun games to play, particularly when you have a shooter that can roll numbers. Nothing is more fun than a hot table. Craps is Lisa's favorite casino game and more times than not she has walked away with cash. In fact, she was the hot shooter at a table in Chicago and won enough money to pay for our honeymoon. Again, the key to winning at craps is finding a hot shooter that is rolling numbers and then trusting your gut to cash in before you 7 out. With the 20th of January just a few days away, we are under 48 hours before we get a new shooter.

While the election was an overall disappointment for me, I guess that I'm grateful that we won't be swearing in another Clinton or a Huckabee. Regardless, I really want our next President to be successful so I've decided to not go "Dixie Chicks" on Obama and be ashamed of anyone who wants to serve our country. I'm happy that he has as much support as he does and it will be interesting to see if that can be sustained as his presidency becomes more centrist than what his base probably wants. These are challenging times but I think we can pull it together so to use a poker term, I'm cautiously putting my chips behind the new shooter.

A few thoughts on President Bush. While it's not popular to say this, I think he was a good president. 9/11 was shoved on all of us and our Nation's innocence was lost forever. For the first time, we were forced to deal with the faces of hate, and of a radical religion hell bent on destroying our way of life. To his credit, President Bush protected our Country and his administration has thwarted numerous attacks since then.

Many mistakes were made in the course of his Presidency and in the end we find ourselves in two wars and a ravaged economy. Was this his evil scheme all along? I don't think so. But I believe that he tried to do the best he could with the information and advisers that he had around him. In any event, I'm grateful to him for his time and dedication to our Country. I hope History proves you better.

As for our new Shooter, I hope that you can enhance the good things that have been done for us already and sidestep the mistakes of those who have gone before you. Whether you voted for him or not, he's the best bet we have right now and on Tuesday afternoon I will be proud to say that he is my President too!


Annette said...

Amen! Just wish people would have given him a fair shake like they will Obama.

Reggs said...

Agreed! I think Bush wasn't any worse than any other president. I seriously blame Hollywood for dragging everyone down into a Bush hate fest.
Even though JFK had ties to the mob and was having affairs left and right, people still reverenced him. I don't think he was that much better of a president, I think people were just respectful back then.
I will also be happy to have Obama as president. I should, I voted for him. :)

GS Wilson said...

Talk about stepping into the lion's den - our new Pres. couldn't come into a much tougher situation than Obama is inhereting now. I'm excited that he was elected and just hope that the changes we need can happen quickly.