Monday, July 28, 2008

The MOST Wonderful Time Of The Year

Our kids are on year-round-school and WE LOVE IT! For the last few weeks the bigs have been fighting more than usual "eeeEEEEliiiIIIII!" and I have been tripping around them more than usual. So today is their first day back to school. WHAT DELIGHT! It was mostly quiet all day, Lisa and I went to lunch together and there was hardly an angry word muttered all day.

So the entire experience reminded me of a Staples Commercial from a few years ago. It's a classic and one of my all time favorites. Enjoy back to school everyone!


Abigail said...

I am in tears. I got the letter today in the mail from Corporate. My mom and I just sat down at the table and cried. Your letter really touched me Joel. I can't tell you enough how much that truly meant to me. Those words expressed where some of the nicest things anyone has and ever will say about me. I am speechless

Katrina said...

Love the commercial, and loved my first day off! It was heavenly. :D I was in SUCH a good mood after some time to myself that I took the kids to the pool. After all their homework was done. Then a 7 yr old kid pooped all over the pool, and proceeded to strip. That was that.

Reggs said...

HA HA HA HA HA HAH HA HA HAHA AH!!! I love that guy's ballet moves in the beginning.


That is SO funny, Mark and I were watching Lost online the other night and it was sponsored by "Staples" so all of the commercials were there commercials and I said to Mark, "Hey, do you remember that funny one that they did where the dad was dancing around the cart and the music was singing 'it's the most wonderful time of the year'?" SO SO FUNNY!

Hey, I love my capris. And here is why....I have uber ugly legs...uber-GOOBER ugly, covered with vericose veins thanks to my last two pregnancies, SO - capris aren't as HOT as jeans in the summer but also cover my legs well enough to keep me less worried about everyone seeing my uber-goober ugly legs. SO therE!! :)

GS Wilson said...

Great commercial! Hey, how did you put a youtube spot on your blog?

computer dummy cousin.